Kissing The Wind

CatTales of love and longing

Kissing The Wind is a glorious, whirlwind adventure that ties three tales by the enigmatic Marie de France into an enchanting love knot. In Guigemar, a wounded knight searches for the only woman who can cure him. In Yonec, a secret love affair ends in tragedy and in Lanval, a handsome knight who charms two beautiful women finds himself in an impossible situation.

Kissing The Wind is an exhilarating, sensual journey through a medieval landscape. It is richly enchanting, cinematic, heart warming, lyrical – and elegantly bawdy! If you love language, you’ll love this.

This show was devised in Paris and inspired by the Unicorn Tapestries in the city’s Cluny Museum.

Performed with dulcimer, recorder and song.

For adults only (16+)


‘Saucy as well as spellbinding’ – The Times

‘The audience was enthralled and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening’ – Bath Literature Festival

‘Cat’s tales of knights, maidens, love, lust, magic, courage and adventure proved to be an enthralling experience for me, and so far as I was able to judge, for everyone else who was there. We were all hanging on her every word! Told with music and song, they became an intimate theatrical experience which was so good that I even forgot the shortcomings of the hall chairs!’ – Village review, Bucks

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