Bawdy Stories

Bawdy StoriesWelcome to the medieval market town of Much Meddling on the Marsh where everyone is up to something or other! Pregnant priests, greedy wives, frustrated husbands, sexy wandering minstrels, enchanted chamber pots and shoes with scarlet ribbons – they’re all here, tossed together in a saucy stew and sprinkled with sin!

Bawdy Stories is Cat’s foray into the timeless battle of the sexes. Hugely entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny, it’s a glorious collection of really old tales, many with a classical pedigree (Chaucer, Boccaccio, the Arabian Nights) And they may be hundreds of years old, yet you’d swear she was talking about someone who lives round the corner…

Adults only (16+) Contains sexual references, ribald images and earthy language.

‘A storming success. The belly laughs transformed our blushes and it was absolutely priceless watching an eclectic mix of villagers relishing every word.’ – Village promoter, 2006.

‘A great show – really entertaining and fun! Cat is a tremendous raconteuse and knows how to work the audience. A true delight!’ Audience member, Derbyshire 2006.