‘Some people are born to be performers, and Cat Weatherill is one of them’  The Hindu, India

Welcome! Let me tell you a story…

I was born into the backstreets of Liverpool. As a little girl, I played in the gutters, popping tar bubbles on steaming hot summer days. I ran howling down the back alleys with the other kids, playing pirates. I swang from ropes tied to lamp posts. Sometimes I was given a chicken foot to play with. A real foot, fresh from the butcher. If you pulled the tendons, the  claws moved. On Saturday afternoons, I would mind cars for the men going to the match at Anfield or Goodison Park: ‘Mind yer car for yer, mister?’

I didn’t watch much television. I didn’t have DVDs or computer games. Didn’t have a record player or radio. But I did have books and a BIG imagination and the freedom to run wild and play.What a GREAT childhood!

Now let’s fly… through the years, across the continents to India. It’s November 2011, and I am here to perform at the glorious Hay Festival Kerala. I am standing out on the balcony of my room. It’s a five star hotel – an amazing place where Princess Diana once stayed. The sun is kissing goodnight to the Arabian Ocean; the waves are shimmering amber. The palm trees are swaying, moving to music I can hear in my heart. I am alone with the endless sea and the great bowl of sky. Wow. It’s the kind of place I thought I would never see in my lifetime. And I am here because I can tell stories.

And I think: my mum and dad would be so proud, if they could see me here now. Their little girl has come a long way from Anfield. And it’s because they gave me books and stories. My dad was a wonderful storyteller… He gave me a love of language, and it was my life’s Golden Ticket.

And what I do now is share that love of language and help other people to find their Golden Ticket. I PLAY for living – how wonderful is that? I play with images, dreams, hopes, ideas… I stand up on stage and tell stories, I write books, I coach, I motivate and inspire…I MAKE MAGIC.

Welcome to Cat World :-)

Cat at the Hay Festival Kerala

Making new friends at the Hay Festival Kerala

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