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‘Some people are born to be performers, and Cat Weatherill is one of them’  The Hindu, India

Welcome to my world

It is a world of wonder and magic and practical dreaming. I play with language for a living – how wonderful is that?

No two days are the same for me. I need excitement, and find it in many ways:

Cat at Jaipur Literary Festival 2015

Cat at Jaipur Literary Festival 2015


I am a performance storyteller. I work with children and adults, all around the world.

I am an author

A workshop leader

An inspirational speaker

An adventurer

Most of all, I am a practical dreamer. I throw dreams for people to catch.


‘Being with Cat is like swallowing sunshine’ 

Charlie Jordan, former Birmingham Poet Laureate

How to be Glorious

How to be Glorious


‘Cat is one of our great storytellers’

Michael Morpurgo

‘A magical performer’ The Times

‘Audiences are invariably spellbound’

Paris L’Express