‘The pupils were enthralled and captivated. Absolutely loved it. Met the needs of our kids. Rich language experience. Structure and content of session appropriate to age and abilities of pupils’ – KS1 Teacher evaluation, Read a Million Words in Wales project

‘It was a truly inspiring day. Lots of very positive comments from pupils and staff. Thank you so much!’ – Swindon Library Service

‘Excellent presentation. Very high standard. The children benefitted from a super day’ – Penllwyn Primary School

Children’s drawing of Jaco the Leek

‘I think Cat is the best storyteller in the world’ – Cameron, Machynlleth CP School

‘Thank you for the boundless energy and enthusiasm you have given to each class. You have made our Writing Week exciting, fun and thought provoking’ – Kington Primary School

‘I have seen Cat work with a variety of ages of children for events organised as part of our Bookstart Week celebrations. Each activity was tailored beautifully to the ages of the children and exceptionally well prepared. Cat’s storytelling mesmerised the children and the sessions were really lively and interactive with a good range of storytelling, props, music and songs. I would highly recommend her and am looking forward to a return visit in October. Inspirational!’ – Bookstart, Swansea

‘Last year you visited our school. Since then you inspired me to read. I started by reading ‘Barkbelly’ and now I am reading ‘Snowbone.’ Now my mum has to tell me to STOP reading and go to sleep. But when she leaves the room I carry on reading because I love your books’ – Amelia, Sutton Coldfield

Quotes and Reviews

‘Describing Cat as a storyteller is akin to describing Everest as a hill’ BJ Burton

‘If Carlsberg did storytellers, you would be it. WOW!’ Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival 2012

‘Now we need a new roof at the Best Tellers – Cat blew it right off’ Kasper Sorensen, BestTellers Scenen, Copenhagen

‘Sell out superstar!’
Peter Florence, Festival Director, The Hay Festival

‘Cat is one of our great storytellers, vivacious and inventive’
Michael Morpurgo

‘A magical performer’
The Times

When Cat Weatherill steps forward with a narrative, it is an invitation to experience the emotions of her characters and go on a voyage with them’ 

The Times, India

‘Cat’s tales are charged with life and delivered with clarity, certainty and skill’
Ben Haggarty, Artistic Director of the Crick Crack Club www.crickcrackclub.com

‘Audiences are invariably spellbound by her intimate style’
Paris L’Express

‘From the moment I met Cat, I longed to hear her tell a story’
Michael Harvey, storyteller

‘She has a theatrical background that lends a vividness to the fluid lines of her show and vivacity to the delicate traditional songs she sings’
The Big Issue

‘Gripping yarns!’
The Stage

‘Thank you for what you gave us…Have heard a lot of listeners and storytellers who are inspired from your way of telling stories’
Kersti Bjorkman, Fabula Festival, Stockholm

‘I really admired your way of telling and your support for the ones in the audience who are not that perfect in English – this is truly professional!’
Folke Tegetthoff, Artistic Director, Tales of Graz

‘Thanks again for the brilliant story. It was a definite hit with the audience there, and the listeners’
Rob Ketteridge, Producer Front Row’ Radio 4

‘Such beautiful singing!’
Josephine Markovits, Festival Director of Music, Festival d’Automne, Paris.