A standing ovation for Bluebeard!

My new show BLUEBEARD was a late night hit at Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival last weekend. It was a perfect setting… a fourteenth century feasting hall with enormous roof beams, heavy oak doors, flickering candles and deep shadows. And what a great audience too. I was a bit worried that no one would come! It was the last show of the festival, it didn’t begin until 10.30pm, and I knew many people would already be heading home or too ‘storied out’ to sit through another show. But they came! Loads of them  – the place was packed – and they loved it 🙂


Here’s what people wrote in my Comments Book after the show:

‘Dark, awesome, truthful and beautiful. I have seen and heard so many wonderful storytellers this weekend, but your story has opened another, stranger, more terrifying window. Thank you so much.’

‘In terms of composition and performance, the finest spectacle at Beyond the Border 2012.’

‘You manifested all the female archetypes with such sensitivity and conviction and your unfolding of the complex dynamics interplaying between them was stunning………..THANK YOU’

‘If Carlsberg did storytellers, YOU would be it!! WOW!!’

‘This performance really kept me awake! Very impressive, very courageous.’

I will be touring the show soon. I’m looking for suitable venues right now!