Falling like Feathers

A journey into the dreamlike landscape of fairy tales. Laced with luscious language and shimmering images, it’s a step from the safety of the path into the delicious danger of the forest.

A mysterious, flame-haired storyteller arrives at a snowbound castle to tell stories to a haughty queen, her 17 year old daughter and assorted guests. As the snow deepens outside, the storyteller tells of witch-maidens and marsh queens, clay dolls, flowers with the power to wipe memories, poisoned apples, talking doves and a sword sharp enough to wound the wind. But she is also working a mysterious magic, and will not leave the castle as she found it…


Audience comments:

‘Spellbinding. Very unusual and entertaining.’

‘Marvellous – taken away to a different world!’

‘Absolutely loved it!’

‘You showed us that fairy tales are not just for children – and some are not for children at all!’


Duration 2 x 50 mins

Full blooded fairy tales from Old Europe.