Meet me at Machu Picchu: A True Story



‘Frustrated fortysomething seeks handsome adventurer for excitement and travel…’


When Cat meets a new man through online dating, she escapes suburbia and flies to South America for the two-month date of a lifetime. But what she learns about life and love along the way becomes the bigger adventure…

Meet Me At Machu Picchu is a true story. The story of how someone who had never camped or worn hiking boots, had vertigo and a phobia about moths ended up sleeping in the Amazonian rainforest, river swimming with pink dolphins, flying over the Nazca lines, exploring Machu Picchu and mountain biking down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia.

It’s a story about grabbing life. Truly living in the moment. Overcoming fears and disregarding thoughts of being too old; to start adventuring. Of finding new love after divorce. Coming alive again. Creating a new you – one you never thought possible.

Honest, funny, loving, totally inspiring and told straight from the heart – this is a feelgood show that celebrates midlife. It is performed with a slideshow of photos from the trip, taken by photographer Phil Hinton – the aforementioned adventurer!!


Audience comments:

‘What a lovely journey to take people on… Animated, wonderfully told, interesting, and above all, made me want to travel – more!’

‘A thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing evening. I could listen to you for hours!’

‘I’m totally inspired! I now have more courage to go on an adventure myself.’

‘Fabulous evening! You made me cry about your lovely mum…’


Duration: 2 x 45 mins