The Hairy Marys. A new book!

The Hairy Marys. A new book!



I still get a thrill when I hold a new book in my hands. The Hairy Marys is a quirky, uplifting school drama about a twelve year old girl called Emmy. She has just moved up to St Mary’s High School and dreams of being in the end of term play.

There’s just one problem. Nearly all the parts in the play are male, and the teacher in charge, Mr Derren, will only give male parts to boys.

Inspired by the Suffragettes, Emmy and her friends begin a protest that turns them famous overnight. But being a celebrity… is it a dream or a nightmare? Emmy is about to find out!

The cover illustration is by Mariya-Racquel Amato, a fabulously talented young illustrator from the US.  I met her at the Arsenal Book Fair in Kyiv.

Buy the book here: 272562503595

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