Peru, Bolivia, Cambodia, Austria and more!

Cat on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Cat on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Boy, have I been adventuring this year!

With my fellow adventurer Phil, I spent December in Peru and February in Bolivia. We camped in the Amazonian rainforest, rode to Devil’s Tooth, mountain biked down Death Road – officially the world’s most dangerous road – swam with pink dolphins, jungle trekked to Machu Picchu, flew over the Nazca lines… it really was something else! And later we spent a month in Thailand and Cambodia, exploring Bangkok, the infamous Thailand-Burma Death Railway and the extraordinary Angkor Wat temples. Glorious!

I’ve also performed in Austria, at one of my favourite festivals – Fabelhaft – then extended the stay to visit the Alps at Innsbruck and the art galleries in Vienna. I also swam in the Danube! Very romantic ­čÖé

Where next? Well, I have already firewalled this December & January┬á to travel to India…