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I am working on a new website…

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It’s aimed at children, and it’s all about my books. I’ve always felt uncomfortable about children coming here, to this site. Sometimes, when I visit a school, I slip past a classroom and see the teacher has it up on the big screen. Aargh! It’s not intended for kids. It’s a business site, not a fan site.

The new one WILL be a fan site!

I’ve had this problem for years. It’s because I do so many different things. Are there any other children’s authors who do bawdy stories for adults? Probably not! At least – not under the same name 😉 But I do, and I need to advertise them both.

So at last, I am separating things out. From now on, all my school sessions will point children clearly in the direction of And this is the address that will go on all my book marketing and family storytelling stuff.


2 thoughts on “New Children’s Website

  • May 12, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    Dear Cat,

    I am a Primary School Teacher who saw your performance of Blue Beard at Banbury last week. It was riveting. However, that is not why I write, I see from your website that you intend to start a children’s website. Well why not call it that would be easier for kids and the domain would keep them well away from your adult site, which I agree might not be the most suitable for 8 year olds !

    I would also suggest ( if you haven’t done so yet ) to make links with the new Children’s Story Museum that is opening in Oxford next year. This will be an incredible place with a lot of focus on oral story telling traditions.

    Finally, if I could convince my Head to hire you for a day at school, then what are your fees. We are a community primary school in Witney Oxfordshire.

    best wishes

    Mark Conway.

  • March 7, 2014 at 10:52 am

    I like your story’s and remember you came when it was book day you tolled lost of story’s it was nice to see you.

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