Bedtime Stories @ 40 Winks Hotel ‘Tales from the Deep’

After a little break over the Summer, our fantastical and fabled Bedtime Story Nights are resuming this month with a magical night of nautical naughtiness cleverly concocted by two of our most popular performers, Katrice Horsley and Cat Weatherill. Mermaids, selkies, sailors and sirens will all be brought dramatically to life in ‘Tales of The Deep’ on Thursday the 29th of September. Guests are invited to pack their finest nightw…ear and book their passage before we cast off and set sail for the make believe world that lies beyond the lofty portals of 40 Winks. For one night only!!Our whimsical and intoxicating evenings always end with some music. Our chanteurs and chanteuses over the coming months include Tricity Vogue, Oli Deakin, Christina Coronel, Mee and Anne Low. All fabulous, all beautiful and all extraordinarily talented.

General Wisdom
Times: We open our doors at 7.00pm, and start the performances at 8.15pm. We aim to return guests to reality by 10.45pm.

Tickets: Still a very modest £25 per head, including unusually nice cocktails provided by our kind and generous benefactors, Hendrick’s Gin, and some nutritious nibbles.

Where: 40 Winks, 109 Mile End Road, London E1 4UJ

Nearest tube: Stepney Green (a three minute stroll in slippers)

Dressiquette: A dress code of jimjams and nighties is strictly enforced by our highly trained pyjama police, but with Benefit Cosmetics sponsoring our ‘Most Glamorous Nightie Award’ (the prize is worth a staggering £300), it is well worth making an effort to impress and seduce. We are also very excited to announce the launch of the ‘Daintiest Toes Award’, sponsored by our lovely friends at LK Bennett. The prize in September will be a very stylish handbag worth £345! We suggest guests bring along something to cuddle up to, such as a friend, lover or teddy bear.

Background: ‘Bedtime Story Nights’ were created by the marvellous Mr Carter and have been running at 40 Winks since June 2009. They are a much loved institution, bursting with good humour, irreverent intelligence, charm and glamour, and will leave guests squealing with delight for months to come.

For further information on Bedtime Stories, 40 Winks or indeed Mr Carter, please email us at