How to be Glorious


‘Cat is always entertaining, often surprising and challenging, but more than that she is inspirational, and with How to Be Glorious she is all of these’ 

Francesca Kay, Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival 2012


HOW TO BE GLORIOUS is a transformational show about making things happen in your life, finding a second chance at happiness in middle age and seeing a way out of the shadows into the sunshine.

Cat tells the story of Faye, a restless 44 year old housewife who finds a trapdoor in her house with a secret staircase beneath. She escapes suburbia into a world of fantasy lovers, dark forests, moonlit lakes and glowing lanterns. Her desire? To be glorious. And for a feisty heroine in supermarket knickers, that’s quite an adventure…

HOW TO BE GLORIOUS is something different – a compelling, deeply personal show that touches hearts and moves minds. Funny, sexy, joyous, fiery, uplifting, but rooted in the reality of midlife, this is truly entertainment for grown ups.


Audience Comments

‘I am 44 and am in need of a trapdoor! Thank you for making me feel glorious!’

‘Absolutely fabulous – love it.’

‘Thank you for taking me on my own adventure.’

‘A wonderful show! Happy to have come. Such a presence! It was a marvelous tale told in a delicious way: it reminds people how it is beautiful to become yourself by your own and with love.’

‘What a splendid title! And an insightful reflection. Thank you for your contribution to empowering women to feel special and valued. The father-daughter importance was poignant. How hard for those who never knew that… How do they manage to pick up the pieces?’

‘What a wonderful evening’s entertainment! Wow! What can I say? All sorts of truths, feelings stirred up. Beautifully spoken and absolutely fascinating.’

‘Merci pour ce conte de Fay! Formidable.’

‘Heartfelt. Incredibly well observed and experienced. Thank you for saying exactly how it feels. Cat – you have great passion. Your delivery is empowering and leaves your fortunate audience feeling ‘normal’ but ‘gloriously’ so.’

‘How did you know my story so intimately? I am left with the words of Finn, who can’t make her glorious – only feel glorious. Wise woman you are. I loved the many beautifully described scenes that helped me ride the soul journey.’

‘We completely identified with this magical story. Our lights are glowing bright.’

‘Thank you Sister x’

‘Brilliant. Astonishing. Moving. A tour de force. I really enjoyed it. Congratulations!’

‘Wonderfully inspiring and thought provoking. Beautiful singing. Glorious!’

‘Fantastic. All women should hear it.’

‘Truly glorious, thank you. I am left wondering about those trampled dreams; cringing at the men I’ve inadvertently crushed , and resolved to get out there and be glorious!’







3 thoughts on “How to be Glorious

  • June 11, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    How do I read the full story of “How to be Glorious”???

  • June 14, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    It’s only available as a live show at the moment – sorry!

  • July 1, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Hi Cat – saw you at the Beyond The Border Festival and was terrifically moved by “Glorious”. Thank you. What stood out for me? The sense of trapdoors as being a kind of muse more than an escape… the red thong on her head, the massive importance of the father-daughter relationship (my Dad died when I was 28 and he was 57… I’m now 45…) and the 12 boats of Kings not “pale Princes”. There were so many beautiful “Isabellas” and “Princes” at the festival. I had to catch myself. It has seemed very sudden to me that I have become old enough to be their mother. One minute I was in my late 20s and then… not… In any case, the quality of lovely humane, soft discussion I had with people of all ages at the Festival was great. The sense of connection went up after your performance. And you were glorious, too. Chris

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