Glorious opening night for HOW TO BE GLORIOUS!


My new show had its opening night at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury last week, and it was a huge success! At the end of the show, there was a queue of women waiting to write in my comments book. Here are some of the lovely things they wrote:

‘I am 44 and am in need of a trapdoor! Thank you for making me feel glorious!’

‘Absolutely fabulous – love it.’

‘Thank you for taking me on my own adventure!’

‘A fab story and a glorious evening’

‘A wonderful show! Happy to have come. Such a presence! It was a marvelous tale told in a delicious way: it reminds people how it is beautiful to become yourself by your own and with love.’

‘What a splendid title! And an insightful reflection. Thank you for your contribution to empowering women to feel special and valued. The father-daughter importance was poignant. How hard for those who never knew that… How do they manage to pick up the pieces? And you do look glorious!’

‘What a wonderful evening’s entertainment! Wow! What can I say? All sorts of truths, feelings stirred up. Beautifully spoken and absolutely fascinating.’

‘Merci pour ce conte de Fay! Formidable.’

‘Heartfelt. Incredibly well observed and experienced. Thank you for saying exactly how it feels. Cat – you have great passion. Your delivery is empowering and leaves your fortunate audience feeling ‘normal’ but ‘gloriously’ so.’


I am VERY happy! Thank you, everyone.