Another foreign festival!

I have just been invited to perform at a storytelling festival in Naarden in Holland. I’ve done a show there before. It’s one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever seen – and it has a fabulous toy shop. When I last visited I bought a wonderful bear’s head – like a hunting trophy – and that led to the creation of my infant show BEAR TALES.

One thought on “Another foreign festival!

  • July 4, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Hello Mrs.Weatherill
    We loved the way you told a story in Belgium and would like to hear you again. We read that you are invited to come to Holland at a festival in Naarden in september. We tryed to find more information on the internet but we cannot find it. Could you give us more information? We very much would like to come and listen to a beautiful story. Thank you very much.
    Kind regards,
    Jans Smits

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