Barkbelly book cover
Proud to be published by Puffin

In my books, old men turn into trees, heroes fly without wings and werewolves haunt forbidden forests. This is wild magic…

Writing for children:

I especially like to write magic/fantasy, but my latest book – Dream Adventures – is travel writing. I have eight books currently in print: Barkbelly, Snowbone, Wild Magic, Famous Me, Zac and the Zombeards, Jack’s Diamond, Where Magic Hides and Breathe.

My much-loved picture book for little ones, By Lantern Light, is sadly only available pre-owned now. The same is true of Jaco the Leek.

Writing for adults:

I have written for The Times and primetime BBC Radio 4, and am currently working on two adult books: a travel memoir set in India and a book about confidence for women learning to ride the motorcycle.

BOOK FANS! My author website is here: www.catweatherillauthor.com

This has information about all my children’s books and a printable biography.



‘A startling fresh voice in children’s books. Cat Weatherill is one of our great storytellers, vivacious and inventive. She brings all her consummate skill to the creation of her first magical book’ – Michael Morpurgo

‘The real star of this month’s fantasies is Cat Weatherill’s BARKBELLY. What makes the book special is not just the quality of the author’s imagination but her richly poetic style’ Amanda Craig, The Times

Cat Weatherill’s BARKBELLY falls squarely in the glorious category… As in all the best stories, what he learns on the way about love, friendship and courage becomes the real point of the tale – Christina Hardyment, The Independent

‘This is magical and wonderfully exciting storytelling, which lifts effortlessly aloud off the page, fuelled by the musical rhythms of the language and the tidal rhythms of traditional stories’ – Books For Keeps


‘This book is a testament to the imagination. A children’s novel that will appeal to adults, Cat Weatherill’s sequel to Barkbelly broaches issues of slavery, love and death while maintaining a magical charm’ – The Big Issue

‘The book is filled with action… made all the more powerful by a spiritual undercurrent and moments of intense lyrical beauty. As the story progresses Snowbone grows in maturity, gaining wisdom and knowledge through her experiences. This is a dazzling book, inventive in plot and rich in language’ -Carousel Guide to Children’s Books

Wild Magic:

‘Don’t miss reading this book. Like the piper’s tune, it is so real you can taste it’ –GoodReads

‘The book’s greatest achievement is Finn. This irredeemable villain is fleshed out with such detail that readers will not be able to decide if he is good or evil’ – Booklist