Beyond the cosy fireside and the flickering tv screen there’s another world. It’s dark, shadowy and guarded by ghosts. And that’s where you’re going tonight…

This is not a fixed show. I have been telling ghost stories for twenty years, and have everything from the seven minute scary The Old Woman in the White House to the forty minute long Gothic horror classic Schalken the Painter by Sheridan Le Fanu. So every programme I do will be different, to suit the time slot, audience and location. Let’s talk!


Duration 30 / 50 / 60 mins or 2 x 45 mins plus interval.

Perfect by candlelight.


Ghost: Whispers in the Dark (Village Hall version)

Massively successful village hall show that is very easy to sell, so it’s popular with villages booking me for the first time. Venues frequently sell out, especially when the show is combined with food. It is especially popular with villages that enjoy themed evenings (cobwebs, pumpkin lanterns, witch costumes…) It is also very popular with the press and local radio.

This is a ‘lighter’ version of the show I do for theatres. The aim is to entertain, not scare people witless!


“A delightful atmospheric show incorporating ghost stories from England and Ireland, some grisly, some life affirming or poignant, others with the ‘boo!’ factor and the occasional bump in the night!” –The Big Issue

Audience feedback:

‘Thank you for a fantastic performance on Saturday night. The village is talking about it and those that didn’t come wished they had. I have had nothing but praise from everyone who attended and this is all thanks to you. I was absolutely spellbound by your performance. It was a fantastic night all round.’

‘Better than Guinness!’

‘I watched and listened to your tales with great pleasure. Such a different way to spend a pleasant evening! Thank you. I haven’t been told a story for getting on 60 years and I relived the experience with some relish.’

‘Sensationally spooky. I was held spellbound. Fantastic voice.’


Duration: 2 x 45 with interval.

Works theatre style, or cabaret with food.