Breathe: A new picture book about yoga!

Breathe: A new picture book about yoga!



When you can’t control your emotions and your birthday is coming, you need great friends…

Introducing my gorgeous new picture book BREATHE! I met the publisher, Liliya Pochkun, at the Arsenal Book Fair in Kyiv last year, and we immediately knew we wanted to make a book together. It was illustrated, designed and printed in Ukraine, by Liliya’s Wise Bee books.

I hope this is the first of many collaborations with my new Ukrainian friends 🙂


Christmas 2017 in India

Christmas 2017 in India

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I was fortunate to spend another Christmas in India this year, beginning in Hampi then moving on to Palolem Beach, where I wrote a new children’s book – The Girl in the White Mirrored Dress.

It still needs some polishing, but I have a very good feeling about it. There’s magic, friendship, dogs and a shadow tiger, all set against a Goan beach backdrop…

The Hairy Marys. A new book!

The Hairy Marys. A new book!



I still get a thrill when I hold a new book in my hands. The Hairy Marys is a quirky, uplifting school drama about a twelve year old girl called Emmy. She has just moved up to St Mary’s High School and dreams of being in the end of term play.

There’s just one problem. Nearly all the parts in the play are male, and the teacher in charge, Mr Derren, will only give male parts to boys.

Inspired by the Suffragettes, Emmy and her friends begin a protest that turns them famous overnight. But being a celebrity… is it a dream or a nightmare? Emmy is about to find out!

The cover illustration is by Mariya-Racquel Amato, a fabulously talented young illustrator from the US.  I met her at the Arsenal Book Fair in Kyiv.

Buy the book here: 272562503595

Truth & Truffles: A new touring cabaret show with Naomi Paul

Truth & Truffles: A new touring cabaret show with Naomi Paul



Touring soon! A brand new story cabaret show with comedienne Naomi Paul 

Here’s the flier blurb:

From dancing shoes and dating disasters to libraries and lingerie, Truth & Truffles celebrates life as a Grown Up. Finding humour in the way we live now and savouring the special moments (especially the chocolate)

It’s going to be a fast-moving show. Lots of short stories – and I will be singing country again. I am super-excited about that!!

All the dates are listed on the Calendar tab.

Bluebeard with Chris Riddell, Hay Festival 30

Bluebeard with Chris Riddell, Hay Festival 30



My association with the Hay Festival goes back twenty years – they championed me at the beginning of my career. So it was truly wonderful to be a part of this year’s 30th festival. And what a great event I had!! Not only was I telling ‘Bluebeard,’ one of my favourite shows, but the mighty Chris Riddell drew live as I performed. He used a visualiser to project the images onto a screen behind me –




He produced fifteen drawings in fifty minutes, and we both loved the experience so much, we are hoping to do it again 😀 There are also plans to turn the drawings and a transcript of the night into an illustrated pamphlet.